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While the large content updates of the past may have slowed down, Studio Wildcard is still supporting ARK Survival Evolved.

The more recent patches have looked to improve on the game overall and are less about adding new dinosaurs and Tek gear.

But today’s ARK Survival Evolved update may have caught fan attention on PS4 and Xbox One due to its hefty size.

Studio Wildcard warned as much leading up to release, telling fans: “PS4 and Xbox Survivors! We will be releasing a major version patch at 5PM EST.

“This will be a large download as there are several memory optimisations.”

Studio Wildcard is also taking servers offline for the new patch, meaning that there could be some disruption when it comes to playtime.

Maintenance is expected to last less than an hour so players will only have to briefly log out of their games.

The only downside is that they will then need to download the new ARK Survival Evolved update, which may take longer.

When it comes to future changes, Studio Wildcard has warned that they hope to add new textures and kibble very soon.

“All eggs have been assigned a value based on the size and rarity of the egg,” a recent notice on the ARK beta servers reads.

“These sizes include Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Special. The eggs are used in a recipe to create kibble of a coinciding value: Basic, Simple, Regular, Superior, Exceptional, and Extraordinary.

“This new system will make it so that creature kibble desires are based on the quality levels instead of specific creatures, which should greatly decrease the number of tamed creatures needed for the purposes of taming.”

The official patch notes from today’s ARK Survival update can be found below and provide the latest on what has been added:

Texture Streaming

  • Apply pool size changes immediately to save memory



  • Fix ability to toggle third person


  • Structures now block dive damage
  • Fixed issue with dive damage not being reduced by armor
  • Ice breath should no longer go through Managarmr when aiming backwards and aiming for the opposite side


  • Fix for exploit involving chairs
  • Fix for exploit involving ladders
  • Fix for exploit involving Tapejara
  • Fix for exploit involving Karkinos


  • Can no longer place C4 on platform saddles

Tek Bridge

  • Fixed issue with placement where bridge incorrectly identified other structures as enemy


  • Fix for players getting disconnected when accessing a terminal with too much in their tribute inventory (achievement rewards)


  • Fix turret damage calculation so that damage is consistent at low frame-rate


  • Can now double tap X'(on Xbox) or Square (on PS4) to turn on crosshair while equipped


  • Adding whistle land flyers command into the keybindings options so that it can be bound

Server Stability

Horde Mode

  • Fix for some corrupt dinos stuck in attack in place after the crate is completed/destroyed


  • Fix scout being destroyed by your own turret on spawn


  • Breath FX on low stamina only


  • Enable hit pause on low fps swings
  • Fix for meks consuming Element Dust


  • Improved placement of health bar for Ice and Forest titans
  • Saddle physics improvements


  • Fix formatting of Names with embedded URLs


  • Improved tribe log report


  • Fix for Ascension skipping cinematics for saved games
  • Fixed spawning below world in Crater Forest
  • Fix for dome transition issue on reload
  • Plugged numerous holes
  • Updated Forbidden Zone spawners
  • Structure prevention volume updated to allow building in the City Trench eastern sewer pipe/building
  • Prevent flyers in Desert Cave
  • Floating foliage deleted
  • Fixed multiple places where players could get stuck
  • Fixed erroneous Wasteland debuffs
  • Updated placement of kill barrier in a few places
  • Fixed erroneous undermesh teleport spots
  • Removed unnecessary meshes under Crater Forest

Scorched Earth

The Island

Mesh Memory Optimizations

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