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Since Apex Legends Season 3 dropped earlier this week, players have been exploring and experimenting in weird and wonderful ways on the new map, World’s Edge.

When I say exploring and experimenting, I really mean finding ways to exploit areas of the map to get kills – it’s a battle royale game, what did you expect?

Despite the plethora of bright and exciting new drop zones, a few players have taken a liking to the buildings with the toilets in them. A sensible decision I suppose, the Apex Legends must need somewhere to go to relieve themselves mid-match.

But this obviously isn’t the reason they’re frequenting these buildings – the real reason is the toilets are a very small enclosed space that can be easily blocked off.

Reddit user BeanBag1992 has been luring other players into these tiny toilets, and trapping them in by yeeting a gas tank in the way of the entrance. His most successful attempt shows the brave Lifeline on his team sacrifice her life to bait an entire enemy squad into the space, before throwing down a gas tank and his ultimate ability, and essentially creating a toilet gas chamber. Sinister stuff, but if you’ve ever listened to any of Caustic’s voice lines, it’s pretty on-brand.

Don’t Forget To Wipe from r/apexlegends

If you want to try the tactic for yourself If you want to know where to look out for creepy Caustics perching in the rafters, there are a few buildings across World’s Edge you can find the toilets in – just look out for suspicious piles of loot and death boxes, and maybe don’t wedge all three members of your team in there at once. A word of warning for anyone trying the tactic, though: last time Respawn caught wind of players hiding in ceilings to get the drop on enemies, it ended up getting patched out.

BeanBag1992 has put together a YouTube video of some of their best attempts at luring in their victims, my favourite part is where he lays out ammo like a little breadcrumb trail.

May want to leave it a minute before you go in there.

As the season progresses, more interesting features of the new map will undoubtedly begin to surface. In the meantime however, the old map looks like it’ll be making a comeback for a leaked Halloween event.

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