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From what has been leaked online so far, Apex Legends Season 1 will see a new Legends character arrive in the coming weeks.

This is based on work from data miners, who have been searching for clues on what is coming next to the popular Battle Royale title.

And evidence has been found that two new characters will be released in the coming months.

Octane is the name of one and could the next Apex Legend to be announced by Respawn Entertainment.

The new character is expected to have a Stimpack ability which is probably connected to the Titanfall 2 Stim.

The T2 Stim provided a boost to speed by doubling it and also healed after a short delay.

It’s unclear if this is what the stimpack will do in Apex Legends, or if it has undergone some serious changes.

Data miners sharing the news posted this message: “Scraping strings off the audio files reveals audio for two new legends, and their abilities, Wattson has a Tesla Trap, and Octane has a Stimpack.

“Wallrunning was cut in early development after they had recorded the sounds, what you’re seeing is the leftover sound files. Unlikely to ever make it into the game, too much mobility.”

There have also been suggestions made over when the new Legends could be released.

Octane has been linked to a released during Season 1 of Apex Legends, which would make sense as it’s set to run for several months.

Octane has been linked to a launch date at the end of March, possibly early April.

But until Respawn confirms their plans for Apex Legends Season 1, a lot of this will remain speculation.

Data miners also believe they have found a list of names that could new characters in the future.

This includes Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad and Prophet, all of which could be future characters in Apex Legends.

Another name has also been linked to a release in 2019 which would likely make it the second character to arrive in Apex Legends.

Wattson is another candidate for release this year and appears to be some kind of robot characters that has a Tesla Trap ability.

And more information could be revealed with the game’s next major update.

This will be landing tomorrow, February 19, and will contain a list of new bugfixes and tweaks.

One of the main requests from fans is to remove the crashing issues from Xbox One and other platforms.

This problem is one of the focuses of the new Apex Legends update, which has not been given a set release time yet.

Here’s more from Respawn, who explains: “We know this has been frustrating for many of you across all platforms.

“We hear you, and we take this issue seriously. Improving stability, performance, and quality of life is a big priority for us, and we have a lot of work to do.

“We pushed our first patch out earlier this week, and we’ve got many more coming [including one next week!].

“We’ll always provide patch notes when these come out. No, I can’t tell you what’s in it yet.”

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