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Apex Legends Havoc is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PCs today.

The brand new Apex Legends weapon – which is an assault rifle that takes energy ammo – is getting a release time soon.

The release of Apex Legends Havoc was teased on Twitter after a major patch was rolled out by Respawn and EA.

The official Apex Legends Twitter posted: “Get ready to cry havoc—a new gun is coming to King’s Canyon“.

So far a release time for Apex Legends Havoc has not been revealed, and the release scheduled for recent patches has varied.

Yesterday’s patch launched around 10am in the morning UK time, while the Apex Legends update last week was released around 4pm GMT.

The tweet teasing the incoming arrival of Apex Legends Havoc was posted at 10pm UK time on Tuesday.

This may indicate that the new Apex Legends weapon could arrive in the hit PS4, Xbox One and PC game around a similar time today.

In a post on the Apex Legends Reddit Respawn confirmed the incoming weapon is called Havoc.

They said: “We’ll let you all know when the Havoc is live and available in Kings Canyon and for tomorrow’s update, we’ll talk more about it with one of our designers.”

Apex Legends Havoc was revealed following the release of update two yesterday.

Here are the patch notes for the Apex Legends update:

• Fixes for PS4 crash issues

– Addresses issues we saw with GPU hangs

– Fixed crash when pressing button early in load process

• Fixed issue where players would sometimes move slowly after revive

• Fixed issue with Mirage Ability causing crashes

• Fixed issue with Gibraltar Epic skins on Xbox One causing crashes

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