Anthem PS4 crash fix due next week, review finds no consoles bricked •


Anthem’s alarming bug which causes PlayStation 4 consoles to shutdown is getting fixed next week, BioWare has said.

And after a “thorough review” alongside PlayStation, BioWare has confirmed no consoles were left “bricked” by the issue, despite numerous reports to this effect circulating on websites and social media earlier in the week.

Writing on Twitter last night, BioWare’s live service boss Chad Robertson confirmed fixes for the PS4 crash bug would be included in next week’s patch for the game, due 12th March. Several issues had caused the problem, Robertson said, although no more detail was given what they actually were.

Meanwhile, on Reddit, Anthem lead producer Ben Irving promised a fix for the current Lv1 rifle bug which makes a type of basic loot way too powerful – perhaps the most powerful weapon in the game. This will also arrive next week, on 12th March.

It’s been another rocky week for Anthem then, even if fixes are on the horizon. The question is whether Anthem’s playerbase will stick around for them.

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