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Another massive test is coming for Bioware and their Anthem demo for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This time, instead of just a small group of players, the game will be open to everyone with the correct online subscription.

No need to have EA Access or an Anthem pre-order, players will be able to download and hopefully, play the new game for a couple of days.

We say hopefully due to the fact that the VIP demo suffered a lot of issues when it first launched.

And with a much a wider player base hoping to access the Anthem open demo, the same could happen again.

BioWare has had a week to work on some of the bugs and infinite loading screen problems that were flagged by gamers.

And it’s also expected that BioWare will have upped their server capacity to avoid a massive surge knocking everything online.

And for those who are hoping to have a second go after playing the Anthem VIP demo, you will need to update to the latest build.

The Anthem open demo has a start time set for 5pm, February 1, in the UK.

So if you want to be ready for the new Anthem experience coming to consoles and PCs tomorrow, you will need the new 1.01 update.

Patch notes haven’t been released for the new update, which only offers the tidbit that general stability improvements have been made.

This hopefully means that the infinite loading screen bug has been scrubbed and will not be causing issues during the weekend.

The new patch weighs in at 178MB on PS4, 300MB on Xbox One and 272MB on PC.

This means that it won’t take long for VIP Anthem Demo players to get ready for the open demo later this week.

As mentioned above, we don’t know exactly what went into this new Anthem update; however, BioWare has offered some clues.

In a recent statement posted by the dev team, it was confirmed that plenty of work had been done to improve on the VIP experience.

Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson, had this to report: “We learned a ton about our game, our service, and you, our community. We’re working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy the game exactly as we’ve designed it.

“I’m particularly proud to be part of our amazing team across Austin and Edmonton. Their dedication and passion showed this weekend. Our war rooms in both locations were hotbeds of activity 24×7 all 3 days. We had fantastic support from EA and our partners.

“We’re doing more scale testing this week, particularly to be ready for the opening rush of players on Friday, and to verify we’ve got “infinite load” problems improved, the latter of which was a primary frustration for many players.”

Here’s a list of improvements that should be in place for the Anthem open demo start time:

  • Weapons with 0% infusions
  • Weapons with bonus that applies to different Javelins
  • Plot integrity/party gather issues
  • Changes to Javelin unlock behaviour
  • Fixes for losing XP at the end of some expeditions
  • Performance Improvements
  • Additional stability fixes
  • A Social Hub: The Launch Bay
  • And a few thousand more (literally)…

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