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PlayStation VR has been on the up and up over the course of the past year, but arguably nothing soars higher than Ace Combat 7.

PSVR is at its best when giving players the chance to live out a fantasy, whether that’s fighting crime as the Caped Crusader, or battling Klingons from the captain’s chair of a Starfleet space ship.

If you’ve watched Top Gun one too many times and ever dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot, then you can put those aviators away, because Ace Combat 7 is the closest you’ll get to unleashing your inner-Maverick.

A truly bombastic PlayStation VR experience, Ace Combat 7 takes players on a thrilling ride through the skies in an explosive campaign.

Paired with a Thrustmaster Hotas 4 flight stick (below) and a good pair of headphones, Ace Combat 7 is one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences we’ve had.

This is in no small part due to Ace Combat 7 being one of the best looking PSVR games to date.

While some of the ground textures could come in for criticism, the development team gets it right where it matters most.

The planes look fantastic, explosions are dazzling and the weather effects are superb, whether it’s the trickles of water on your windscreen, or the beams of light shining through the clouds.

Your cockpit, meanwhile, is packed with detail, providing you with speed and altitude readings in real-time, and an enemy radar to keep you on target.

With the bobbing and shaking of the cockpit, the barrel rolls, the constant radio chatter and the planes whizzing by your window, Ace Combat 7 is like being in the middle of a Hollywood blockbuster.

There’s also an incredible sense of speed when you’re in the air chasing down enemy pilots, something that’s unmatched even by the likes of Wipeout.

Unfortunately, however, Ace Combat 7 does have one major flaw. In fact, you could say that PSVR support is kind of a blessing and a curse.

Taking place over the course of three intense and exhilarating missions, Ace Combat 7’s PSVR campaign is over before it really gets going.

It’s a problem if you purchased the game exclusively for VR, because you’re going to feel short-changed.

Of course, there is a generous and perfectly enjoyable non-VR campaign that centres around the war between the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea.

This is a fully-fleshed out story campaign that features 20-odd missions and multiplayer support – neither of which supports VR.

While I was entertained by the endearing narrative, appreciate the visuals and enjoyed the diverse and intense aerial combat, playing the regular campaign just felt kind of flat in comparison to VR.

Fingers crossed Bandai Namco introduces VR support for the full game in the near future, because Ace Combat 7 is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling virtual reality experiences ever made.

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