A New Under-Rated, Gladiator Hack-and-Slash Game just made its way to Steam and It’s Amazing


Created by Open Mid Interactive, Valor is a new hack-and-slash gladiator game where the players are tasked to survive rounds of battles against the enemies in this new hack-and-slash type adventure.

Survive a multitude of fights and different game modes in this Arena ARPG. Play as one of the many unique characters, each with its own strength, weaknesses, weapons, and abilities. Upgrade, personalize and fine-tune your characters, overcome different challenges and boss fights to create the most powerful team of gladiators to date.

Valor features different arenas, each with its own set of challenges. A change of scene is not just that, but also brings along new enemies and environment-specific obstacles and strategies. Eventually, every environment ends in an epic boss fight where you’ll have to prove your worth and understand the game’s mechanics. Each challenge will require you to identify the best strategy, characters, and weapons to complete it.

In Valor, all skins are earned through achievements. On top of that, you’re able to customize your particle effects, further adding to the customization possibilities in the game. Battling in style really reflects your achievements!

As your gladiators level up, you’ll be able to dig into their upgrade trees to make the most of their abilities. You’ll also unlock various runes with special effects that can be equipped by any of your gladiators. Are you the master of innovation with all the different combinations of runes? Some features of VALOR include:


  • 5 Different playable Gladiators, each with a unique skill-tree.
  • Endless game modes to try out with different gladiators.
  • Unique type of weapons per gladiator, each with their own play style.
  • Hack-and-slash type gladiator adventure that keeps you occupied for hours
  • Twitch streamer integration, where chat audience will be able to vote on to blur your screen or more!
  • Endless re-playability mode, difficulties, challenges and more!

In Short, Valor is an amazing ARPG game where you can pick a gladiator and fight arena battles with different game modes that will keep players engaged for hours on end. Do you have what it takes to win the arena?

On top of that, Valor also features expansive Twitch integration made especially for streamers. When connected to your stream, your chat will be able to participate in your fights by voting on what you will receive next. However, the fun part is that your chat will be able to vote for negative upgrades, such as blurring your game’s screen, inverting your game’s controller, and much other fun stuff. Basically, Instead of choosing the upgrades yourself, the audience will be able to vote by typing in your Twitch chat. This is a great and fun way to finally include your audience chat in a fun activity that lets them also have fun with.

Anyone that would like to take a look at the new game called Valor and try it out you can do so by checking it out on steam. I highly recommend anyone that is into adventure hack-and-slash games or twitch streamers to check it out as it’s a very fun to play game. You can also check out the developer’s website on this link here.


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